3 Easy Ways to Be the Change in Your Community


My baby boy Henry and I have been volunteering weekly at our local Seattle organization Solid Ground.
We started with a volunteer orientation at their headquarters in Wallingford.

1. Voluteer! In the Seattle area, attend a volunteer orientation to find out which programs are available and figure out what level of involvement fits your schedule. Some activities include one time events, while others are six or seven week programs for a few hours each week.

If you are not in the Seattle area, there are a few organizations that I love to contribute to. Share Our Strength is leading the No Kid Hungry campaign. I don’t need to tell you this, kids deserve the best and we can give it to them through many local and national organizations. Share links and stories from your neighborhood below and I will add them as a resource for your community in future posts!

2. Donate! This may sound daunting to some. If you have a budget you are currently working with, even setting aside a small percentage of each paycheck at the level of $5.00 or $10.00 eventually adds up. At my house we save less than 1% of each paycheck in a separate savings account and when it’s a big enough number we find a non-profit in our area to contribute it to. I will note that sometimes we donate outside of this as well. I love adopting a family during the holidays to provide a Thanksgiving meal or skateboards and art supplies as holiday gifts for deserving children who might not be getting anything otherwise. So, plan a donation!

3. Educate! Advocating for people in your community who are struggling, living in poverty, experiencing oppression, and may not have the access to important resources is easy. Educate yourself about the causes of poverty and racism. Share what you learn about the systemic ways our communities create a cycle of poverty. Learning this and educating the people in your circles will bring us all up.

Building community to end poverty will stop the cycle from continuing! Poverty is a form of oppression, understand that in the United States our class system is based on race and one major effect of systemic racism here is the lack of access to fair education, employment, shelter, and mobility for people of color. Poverty does not have to exist. It isn’t a required condition for human existence. And you can be part of that transformative process of disappearing it.

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